Crowds hail him as a human jukebox, with all the stamina of an elite athlete, because he can play continuously for hours without breaks!  M8 also has a unique playing style. This was the consequence of a serious injury, resulting in medical advice that he would never play guitar again.  Whilst recuperating from a smashed wrist and shoulder (with his arm in a brace), he was determined to defy the odds, so he experimented with alternative ways to play.  M8 identified that he could play guitar using his hand over the top of the neck rather than underneath hence becoming known as the Upside Down Under Musician!

M8 ‘Mate’ is a fulltime professional musician travelling the continent each week and playing shows night after night in various venues across the country.  He is constantly on the move, entertaining and performing a wide range of popular and diverse musical styles and genres, meticulously selected to suit different types of venues and situations. 


He is a passionate musician who delivers a range of popular cover songs infused with his own signature style.  His wide vocal range captivates the audience, taking them on a journey from show start to finish and always leaves them wanting more.


M8 has an extremely large repertoire comprising of over 300 songs.  He is a very versatile musician playing all genres on both acoustic and electric guitar.  He can switch it up as required to deliver a chill Sunday session with loads of acoustic material or he can provide high energy party entertainment, busting out all the popular rock tunes! 


M8 is available as a soloist where he achieves the full sound of a live band with his music complemented by backing tracks that are professionally recorded with a full band in a studio, or as a duo supported by the very talented Kellie.  M8 Mewsic is also available as a trio/band with a drummer/percussionist.


M8 has strong connections to the earth and water and is a proud Aussie larrikin who enjoys performing, travelling and promoting the things we love about Australia, the landscape, lifestyle, sun, beach, the freedoms we enjoy and particularly people and music! 


He is also a talented songwriter and he has released a sample of some of his original music, currently available on SoundCloud and he is busy working on developing the content for a new album of original music.


M8 is available for private bookings, public events or pub and club gigs.  If you want to ensure you get a quality, adaptable and professional musician for your event or venue, then book M8 today.

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